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chat_serviceWhat is Pro Active Live Chat?
Pro-Active Live Chat is an extremely valuable chat application that Dealer e-Process offers on all of their dealer websites. While chat applications aren’t exactly new, Pro-Active Live Chat is anything but ordinary. It is operated by real agents (as opposed to robots or pre-recorded operators) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That means regardless of the time, day or location, a potential customer can contact a knowledgeable agent regarding information about your dealership via your website.

Why is this important?
As a dealer, you would never leave a potential customer wandering around your lot without a greeting from a sales representative. Likewise, a potential customer should not be left unattended when visiting your website. Pro-Active Live Chat ensures that this scenario will never occur.

How do potential customers use it?
It’s easy for potential customers to use Pro-Active Live Chat because it requires no effort on their part. Once a potential customer visits a site installed with Pro-Active Live Chat, they are immediately greeted with an invitation to engage in a chat session. If they choose to chat, they are then connected with a knowledgeable agent who can instantly provide them with pertinent information on a plethora of topics, ranging from car specifications to scheduling servicing appointments.

How do dealers operate it?
Operating Pro-Active Live Chat is simple, mainly because Dealer e-Process designed the application to essentially operate itself. Once the application is installed on a dealer website, it allows informed agents (managed by Dealer e-Process) to conduct constructive chats on behalf of the dealer. Furthermore, it collects customer contact information, manages information distribution via push-page technology and tracks leads. All of this is done for pennies on the dollar and requires no hiring, managing or training by the dealer; Dealer e-Process manages all of this technology for the dealer.

What is push-page technology?
Push-page technolgy was developed by Dealer e-Process to work in conjunction with Pro-Active Live Chat. This technology allows potential customers to receive web pages relevant to the information they are looking for while talking to a Pro-Active Live Chat agent without having to move a mouse. Essentially, it allows potential customers to find information faster and easier than blindly combing through your dealer website on their own.

Why is it beneficial for my car dealership business?
Pro-Active Live Chat is beneficial for your business for a number of different reasons, but perhaps the most relevant reasons are customer satisfaction, lead generation and tracking.

What will I ultimately gain from this?
By incorporating Pro-Active Live Chat into your dealer website, you will ultimately create a more pleasing experience for your potential customers. Furthermore, you will accrue potential leads while gaining valuable insight into your business in terms of what people are looking for when they visit your website.

Customer satisfaction
Pro-Active Live Chat allows customers to find the exact information they are looking for in a timely manner. While it is all well and good to have your dealer information organized in multiple channels and sub-directories within your dealer website, most people don’t have the time or the desire to spend searching for the information they are looking for. In fact, research shows that over 95% of visitors on a website are clicking away within 2 minutes. Pro-Active Live Chat eliminates wasted search time and guarantees that the potential customer will leave your site with the exact information they are looking for, which in turn leads to customer satisfaction.

chat_serviceLead generation
Pro-Active Live Chat provides both the customer and the dealer with valuable information. While the customer receives the information they are looking for in a timely manner, the dealer enjoys the benefit of being able to collect customer contact information for potential leads.

Aside from potential leads, with Pro-Active Live Chat, the dealer also receives monthly tracking reports that dictate the number of potential leads generated by Pro-Active Live Chat in a given month, as well as the dates/times of specific chats. Furthermore, all copies of Pro-Active Live Chat transcripts are sent to dealer website managers in real time and stored in the back end of the website.

Will this application work on my website?
Our chat service is developed to integrate with all websites, regardless of provider. Works with:
• Cobalt
• TK Car Sites
• IZMO Cars
• and many, many more!

What are the technical requirements to have this installed on my website?
All you need to do is place a javascript tag into each page you would like live chat to appear on and the application will do the rest of the work!

Can I send chats to multiple departments?
Certainly! We can send chats to sales managers, service managers, parts managers, and more!

How can I have this installed on my site?
1.) Place an order with our sales department.
2.) Fill out our chat questionnaire.
3.) Dealer e-Process will create custom graphics.
4.) Have your service provider install javascript on desired web pages.


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