Video Inventory

Our system automatically creates interactive videos for your entire inventory that offers a new experience to the consumer:

They don’t just look at your photos but also hear your message and can view an entire vehicle without having to click on each photo.

System Advantages:

  • CPO integration: System uses a CPO intro on CPO vehicles
  • CARFAX© integrated: System pulls “positive” CARFAX© provided info
  • Send a video to a friend tool

Additional Programs:

  • YouTube© and Google© integrated
  • Web distribution

Other Features Overview:

  • Provides a highly interactive experience for the consumer
  • Available on any PGI Digital Marketing™ Inventory Gallery or dealer website
  • Videos automatically created from photos with no effort by the dealer
  • Customized intros, outros, messages and background music available to add dealership branding
  • Quickly view and click thumbnails of the vehicle photos
  • “Contact Me” link to quickly submit a lead to the dealership. The “One-Click-To-Contact” advantage


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