Virtual Service Consultant

Virtual Service Consultant is the future

Virtual Service Consultant (VSC) one-of-a-kind software was developed specifically for auto dealerships and independent repair facilities looking to make an impact in their service departments online. The VSC product has been in development since 2007
and is now tested and ready for the automotive marketplace.

VSC is customizable

VSC comes with full control over all options, leads, and reporting. It is customizable for any dealership or independent repair facility, regardless of what manufacturer you service.

VSC is comprehensive

VSC software combines the power of virtual online scheduling, dealer specific menu pricing, and manufacturer specific & vehicle specific model pricing, along with various customizable options for your dealership, such as coupons, standard or repair services, transportation options, etc. By integrating these features into an easy to use interface and seamless transition into your dealer website, VSC will immediately improve customer retention, increasing dealership profitability through increased customer and warranty service.

VSC is for every dealer

VSC is available for any auto dealership, independent repair facility, or as reseller program for relevant companies. The VSC software is a web-based application that can be plugged into any website regardless of vendor. The VSC solution is available for a single monthly subscription fee per dealer. For more information or for a free demo, please call us at 877.622.2291


Does VSC work with my website?

Yes, this application is developed to integrate with all websites, regardless of provider.

Is VSC thoroughly tested?

The VSC product has been in development since 2007 and works in all major web browsers.


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