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We meet this company last week and they have an interesting product that
you may want to check out.

Our system is already set up to insert the videos on the appropiate
vehicles but you need to make sure you are using our display.
Motorwebs and
Reynolds are also capable to do it, Cobalt may be able to by the middle of next


We are a video streaming company focused on providing dealerships with online
advertising solutions. We have the ability to reach 90%-95% of the market by
using a tool to diagnosis the type of system being used and the type of media
player and then simply sending the appropriate encode to the customer. We also
have a great team assembled with the creation side to build custom intros,
featured videos and closes for the used car videos and the new car virtual
tours. Here are some links to some dealerships using our products.
Please look at the featured video on the home page and the video under finance.
Review how the following stores are displaying their used cars: Nissan, BWM, and

For more information please contact:

Phil Sura
VP Automotive Division
UnityWorks Media
(952) 212-8257
Cell phone
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