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I sent this two months ago to the customers doing Microsites with us, I’m nor releasing this to everyone. I hope it helps those of you trying to build extra assets on your own“.

Yago Paramo


I made a presentation last week in front of 100 dealers about on-page SEO and microsite and I got very interesting feedback. I wanted to share some of it because I know this will help to get some of your digital assets in better positions.

The example that I used in my presentation was a Google search for “dodge dart renton” which yields a microsite dodgedartrenton.com that we created for Larson Dodge as the number 1 spot in the SERP. The microsite had so much traffic that Google even index bread crumbs for it.

My goal is for Google to see your website to be “better” [code and content wise] than others. Amazon indexes better than other's because it has more sites linking to it, content, etc than its competitors. So in the realm we were talking about microsites, content, etc but most important: referral traffic. Goggle has a tool in your analytics account to check referral traffic and sources, that must make it important.

I learned that adding a microsite to a PPC campaign, even if it is just $20-50 a month greatly will increase the domain and page authority and therefore the value of the referral traffic. A PPC campaign will also make Google crawl the website more often and index the website better, especially if a competitor doesn't have any asset being indexed under that name.

For those of you with 200+ microsites, you only need to do PPC on these for a few months. Once Google see's these as a business that someone wants to promote and indexes it well you can turn the PPC off and put it into a different one. The indexing remains-especially if you don't have competitors building assets or content.

Furthermore and using this as a case study, you can probably see (if not spent for the day) that Larson is doing PPC for this Google search "dodge dart renton" and linking that to the factory site LarsonDodge.net which is located in Puyallup. If Larson would link the PPC with Renton key words to the microsite that has the Renton key words (dodgedartrenton.com). Since the microsite is fully coded for Renton and not Puyallup, you may easily get Google to drop your PPC on those key words from $4-5 to $2-3 leaving more money to go after other key words. This is no different than building landing pages with good content to lower PPC expense (link search term to high quality result).

Anyway, just good feedback for those of you reaching further out with your websites and working towards organic indexing.


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