Luk Blackwell
General Manager, Harris Auto Centers/ Pierre Auto Centers
Harris Ford
I have worked with Yago and the team at PGI since they started as a window sticker and photo vendor over a decade ago.

They have grown tremendously and integrated themselves into Western Washington’s dealer body in many different areas that are of great use to our businesses. I personally would recommend them to anyone looking to do business and I also vouch for their integrity, work ethic and honor.

Any questions please contact me directly at 425-712-2002 or


Luk Blackwell

Tom Hunt
General Manager
Klein Honda Everett
Auto Dealers in the Seattle area have two choice with their marketing strategy: Either adapt/evolve/grow or don’t and let the competition past you. The digital world is constantly changing and it is important to be apart of that change to be successful. Many dealers in Washington State have time constraints and just can’t stay on top of all the constant radically digital changes in the auto industry.

That is why PGI Dealer Digital Marketing is so vital to the success of this local Everett Honda Dealership.I consider PGI partners with Klein Honda in Everett. PGI is dedicated to constantly evolving and adapting as a digital marketing company. I trust they will continue to bring great customer service and honest feedback on what works and does not work with regards to digital marketing. I expect great things in the future from PGI. I did my research on what company to partner up with and PGI was a perfect fit for Klein Honda. I can’t tell you the countless number of hours the PGI team is on the road learning and educating themselves about new tools and solutions for the auto industry.They have their masters in digital marketing! The important factor to me is the close relationship between Klein Honda and PGI.

The entire PGI staff cares and it shows. They want us to be successful. They have my trust and I see a very bright future with PGI. Lets just say, we made a great decision on selecting PGI as our digital marketing provider. Currently, they are providing marketing services for,,, and many other micro sites. Do you want to take your dealership to the next level? Klein Honda does.

Erin Alexander
Chrysler Jeep Dodge Bellevue
Hats off to the PGI team! I have always been able to count on quick and efficient customer service from them. Yago is always available to assist or to bounce an idea. PGI’s software is simple and easy to use! WE would be lost without them :)
C. Davis
Jaguar of Tacoma
I worked with your tool all day yesterday and I am not a computer genius, but I love what this system does. I was doing the market comparisons and that is freaking awesome and changing verbiage on our ads and uploading pictures, what a great tool and so much more!
Taylor DeVore
Lexus of Seattle
The PGI backend Craigslist tool is top notch! It’s very affordable and allows you to post numerous free ads in just a few minutes. Do not miss out on this tool!
Rick Andersen
Puyallup, Washington
I believe Yago and his team do a great job. Yago is by far one of the most knowledgible people on internet related subjects I have ever met!
Doug Williams
Internet Sales Manager
In today’s market place, too many times we always find time to complain about something but never find that same time to put forward a good comment.Over the last few days we have increased our inventory by 40 units and had almost 30 of them ready for pictures yesterday. I never thought about letting your team know about this huge increase. My rep got here at 7:30 in the Morning yesterday and worked on them for over 5 hours. When this extra time started to interrupt his schedule for other dealers, Dennis your Director of Operations stepped in and made some phone calls and made sure everything was going to flow smooth.

As a small town dealer, we have taken the chance and increased our inventory from 1.4 million to 2.1 million and we are reliant on you and your staff to insure that they are posted online in a timely fashion. We cannot afford to have this amount of money tied up in just inventory and as such NEED to have it online as soon as possible. Your team made sure that it got done and done right!

Dennis Hynes
Lexus of Seattle
Yago and his staff do a great job! On-time, professional, and if there is any kind of problem it is resolved quickly and professionally.
Parkland Auto Center
Having used PGI over the past several years, I can attest that their services definately surpass the services of any similar company out there! We couldn’t do what we do without them! (Well at least not as well) Kudo’s Guys & Thanks Again
Rob Pearson
Toyota of Puyallup
Your new web site looks as good as the Paramo Group operates, efficient and easy to work with! Thanks for all the Service you offer us!
Craig Cobb
The Paramo Group has been a pleasure to work with and has made it much easier to control our inventory and access other websites. Makes our job easier. Thanks Guys from John O’s!
Justin Meek
Hyundai of Everett
Great support team, quick answers and results. Easy to use ‘Dealer Edit’ site with extra tools to help you advertise. Yago and Team are always developing new ideas to help dealers sell cars.
Andrew Plummer
Luxury Cars Northwest
The PGI team has always been very receptive and responsive to our needs. Yago and the whole staff are very professional and respond quickly to issues or questions.
Mike Scarff
Auburn, WA
Paramo Group is an outstanding company with outstanding people. The owner is very ‘hands on’ and always looking for the next best product to offer.
Chuck Jones
Absolute Mobility Center
Yago and team,Thank you so much for your expert advice and expertise on how best to update our internet inventory system. To finally be able to have a well organized, professional looking site just moves us ahead of the competition. The way you customized your program to meet our needs is outstanding. It is so easy to keep our inventory up to date, even I can do it. It wasn’t very hard to switch to your company since not only do we have a more professional looking site, but saved us money as well.

Chuck Jones

Paul Hague
Yago and his people are on the leading edge of internet marketing. We turn to Paramo Group not only for areas to concentrate our resources, but what to avoid. Always good information and a well run organization. Customer service is excellent and fast.
Fred Rahovi
Landmark Motors
I’ve enjoyed great success over the past five years with the excellent service and the wide coverage that the Paramo Group offers. Their commitment to exceeed client expectations are second to none and I highly recommend all other car dealerships to take part in all the networking tools their company provides!
DJ Dougherty
Peninsula Subaru
Paramo Group was the answer to a prayer the company that we had previously used to help us take our pictures and update or car was very inconsistant. Yago and his company has always been there when they say and I have never had a problem that they did not fix as soon as they got the call. I would recomend Paramo Group to any dealership that wants to get rid of the hassels of doing their own pictures or want to improve over what they are currently using.
Greg Becker
Korum Auto Group, Puyallup, WA
On-the-spot service. Quick response to needs and ideas. On-time performace visits. Overall good productive smart people to work with.
Tomer Alpert
Dallas, TX
Everyone LOVES good service. That’s what PGI delivers. Above their best-of-breed products lies an un-matched attention to the customer. That’s why we’ve done business with PGI for more than 2 years and will continue to do so long after you read this.
Shawn Finger
Acura of Bellevue
We have been with PGI for a few years now and I honestly do not know what we would do without them! They handle it all, from the vehicle photographs, to transmitting our data feeds to other sites, creating new partnerships and ventures which in turn means more exposure for our dealership… I can’t say enough great things about Yago and his team. Every time I’ve had a question or something came up their support team was very quick to act and find a solution. They are an invaluable asset to our business!
Jack Basil
Lakewood Ford
The staff has been GREAT! When you need something they are always available to help. We have a long relationship with them and would recommend them to anyone. Keep up the good work.
Jimmy Barber
McCann Motors
I have been working with Paramo Group for a little over 4 years now and I can’t say enough about the support and the staff of Paramo Group. They have surrounded themselves with the helpful, knowledgeable and reliable people that you would expect from a business partner like this.
Karen Bachmann
Sound Ford
I have had the pleasure of working with the Yago and the Pramo Group now for many years! I worked with them at Sound Ford and even brought them with me when I arrived at Korum Automotive Group! I have always found that there service is the highest quality, always responsive to the needs of the Dealer, and they represent a great product … If you dont have there services you are missing out!
Mike Davis
Lynnwood Dodge
We dropped Dealer Specialties a few years ago and signed PGI. They have continually done an exceptional job and are always looking for ways to assist dealers in the process of online marketing.
Jon Sherrell
Rairdon Auto Group
I have been working with Yago for a few years now and his service is exceptional. Attention to detail and level of service is hard to find.
Mike Rider
Biddle Chevrolet
We have worked with Paramo Group for many years. Their customer service is exceptional and I know it is a result of Paramo’s dedicated employees.
Matt Wagner
Honda of Fife
We switched to Paramo Group over 3 years ago and have been very pleased with the service we have received from everyone from Yago to our field tech. We are very pleased with their commitment to all of the new technology that is available to help our dealership grow in the digital environment.
Steve Allman
Used Car Manager
Pignataro VW
Yago and PGI are the best. Amazing service and instant action in the rare problems that pop up. News letter is aimed at giving dealers the option of trying new ideas to aid in our car selling efforts.
Rhonda Potts
Roy Robinson Chevrolet Subaru
I have been very impressed with the dedication to exceptional customer service we have received from Yago and his team. Rain or shine they are here making sure our inventory is online! Thank you for all your hard work. I have appreciated working with you!
Frank Pizzuto
Barrier Motors
PGI Group is Top-Notch. For service and new technology no one comes close, and their staff support is exceptional!
Vaso Rubio
E-Commerce Manager
Chaplins VW
I have enjoyed working with the PGI Group now for several years now. Their customer service and attention to detail and our needs is exceptional.

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